Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Transition

Well hello! So, I know it's been months since I posted, but we've been in transition here. We recently moved so I've been busy unpacking and getting our little family settled in our new place. I haven't done much crafting, obviously, but I'm anxious to get back into it. I have so many projects I want to do, but very little time, and very, very little space. I'm afraid I might have to wait until Spring when it warms up and I can use the garage as my work space. My mom and I did a little Christmas project the other day that I would be happy to share, but it wasn't much :) I always forget to take before pics, because I'm so anxious to get to the project, but I have an after pic. If you saw how this wreath looked before, the after pic would blow your socks off. This wreath was frumpy and sad looking. My mom has probably had it for decades, it totally came from the pink/mauvy 90's. So bad! So, we took all the pink berry sprigs off of the wreath and layed them on a garbage bag on the grass and spray painted our little hearts out. My mom chose silver for Christmas. Then we added a red bow to the bottom, and whala! I think it's gorgeous. Perfect for the Holidays.

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  1. Ouuu, silver is my favorite accent color for Christmas :)